genUpdates 3.4.1

  7z.dll709 Kb
  7z.exe146,5 Kb
  7za.exe513 Kb
  7zCon.sfx60,5 Kb
  bfi.exe90,5 Kb
  bootsector.bin512 Bytes
  cdimage.exe107,5 Kb
  cdmake.exe25,43 Kb
  cygwin1.dll1,79 Mb
  grldr181,78 Kb
  Iso-Burner.chm45,26 Kb
  Iso-Burner.exe645,45 Kb
  iso-burner_license.txt6,54 Kb
  menu.lst199 Bytes
  mkisofs.exe339 Kb
  reshacker.exe824 Kb
  UnRAR.exe92 Kb
  uumerge.exe97 Kb

  Windows 98 live CD106189,14 KbCreate a boot environment based on Windows 98 SE live CD distribution.Boot Land Community

  Eset NOD32 2.7 AntiVirus1708,09 KbAdd Eset NOD32 2.7 to project (Requires Internet connection to download the installation files)BeatZero

  IrfanView1062,16 MbBeatZero

  MSN Messenger 51063,3 MbBeatZero
  Opera Internet Browser 9.501068,91 MbBeatZero

       WIN98LIVECD/Apps/Shell/File Manager
  Xplorer˛ Lite File Manager106783,06 KbBeatZero

  7-Zip 4.251061,61 MbBeatZero
  Everest Ultimate Edition v5.30 (Trial)15,13 KbAdd Everest v5.30 to project (Requires Internet connection to download the installation files)BeatZero

  Windows 98 Live CD Base1108,01 MbBeatZero
  Memory Fix0019,58 KbFix for memory up to 1GBBeatZero
  SP20012,01 MbUnofficial SP2 (parcial)BeatZero

  Drivers Pack 01A1061,59 MbBeatZero

  Human Interface Devive10678,68 KbUSB Keyboard and Mouse suportBeatZero
  NUSB106404,98 KbNative USB suport by Maximus DecimBeatZero
  USB Suport1068,71 KbBeatZero

  folder.project1246 BytesScripts on this folder are meant to finish your project and create your ISO. After completing this step they can also be emulated so that you can check the results.

       WIN98LIVECD/Finish/1 Create Image
  finalize77,44 KbCreate bootable imageBeatZero
  Create ISO/CD1237,24 KbNightMan (BeatZero Mods)
  folder.project1131 BytesThese scripts create an image that can be used to burn on a CD or DVD

       WIN98LIVECD/Finish/2 Emulation
  folder.project1132 BytesAfter creating an image, see how it will work inside a computer emulator.
  Run ISO in Virtual PC00121,59 KbRuns your ISO in Microsoft Virtual PCBeatZero
  Run ISO in VMware00339,32 KbRuns your ISO in VMware player or workstationbooty#1

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